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Signalnoise Podcast EP4 : Perception • Listen Now
James White plays catch-up on this delayed episode of the Signalnoise Podcast. He discusses some ups and downs of the last few months, the pressure of having a low creative output, and moves he made to get things back on track. All of this is wrapped in the idea of self-branding and the awareness of how our products and words are perceived by the end user. Music track by Dan Terminus from his album The Wrath of Code.
Recorded on January 15, 2016
Signalnoise Podcast EP3: Evolution • Listen Now
James White of the Signalnoise Studio tells his story of navigating the world of professional graphic design. In this sequel to EP2, he tells the story of evolving the aesthetic his studio became known for, some fun anecdotes from the journey, and learning a bit about himself along the way. Special thanks to Power Glove for supplying the rad music this episode.
Recorded on July 13, 2015
Signalnoise Podcast EP2: Little Victories • Listen Now
James White tells the story of the Signalnoise Studio and how he navigated his way through the haphazard world of Graphic Design to build a name for himself and his brand over the course of 10 years. Everyone needs to discover their path on their own, and this is his tale. Special thanks to Perturbator for supplying the music this week.
Recorded on July 5, 2015
Signalnoise Podcast EP1 : Why? • Listen Now
James White of the Signalnoise Studio launches the first instalment of his podcast, telling a heartfelt tale of personal troubles and how that affected his career, vision and ultimate transformation. The sound isn't perfect and no script was involved... but this story catches up on 7 months and how the future of Signalnoise is bright yet uncertain. Special thanks to Carpenter Brut for supplying the wicked music.
Recorded on June 26, 2015
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