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James White and the Signalnoise Studio

James White, a Canadian digital artist born in 1977, finds his artistic home in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Even at the tender age of 4, James' passion for drawing was evident, as he eagerly claimed his mother's typewriter paper for his creations. After completing high school, he pursued a Graphic Design course in his hometown where he was introduced to the enduring tools of his trade, Photoshop and Illustrator, which he continues to master today.
In 1998, James embarked on his professional design career, cutting his teeth on website and print campaign design for local companies. However, he never let go of his personal projects which consumed his evenings and weekends, ultimately leading to the establishment of the acclaimed Signalnoise Studio. James' exceptional personal work caught the industry's attention, propelling him to collaborate with renowned brands like Hasbro, Warner Bros., Nike, Metallica, UbiSoft, Twitch, and numerous others.
Presently, James is a full-time art director while working on his own neon-infused art projects. Through his work, he aims to pay homage to the vibrant spirit of his 1980s childhood.
Podcasts, Interviews and Courses
Adobe Live - Creative Conversations hosted by Andrew Hochradel.
Owning Your Style - Feature interview by Tobias Van Schneider.
'Being Freelance' podcast - A discussion about navigating the freelance illustration world.
'Simple Bits' podcast - A chat about 80s-themed art, synthwave and how James got started.
• 'Just a Chat With' podcast - A chat with MadeBrave about being a creative kid and navigating the design industry.
Skillshare Class - Digital 80s Design: Combining Illustrator and Photoshop
• The Great Discontent - An indepth interview about James' process and inspirations.
The Creative Spark - A short biographical documentary about James, his life and work.
Character Illustrations - A documentary showing James' creative process from start to finish.
Photoshop 25th Anniversary - Watch James create his Laser Horse poster, and discuss the full prices.
Celscapes - Solo art show at Bottleneck Gallery in August 2014, Brooklyn NY.
James White - white@signalnoise.com
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